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Humphries was defeated in a bitter and controversial preselection this year by former ACT Liberal leader Zed Seselja. Seselja, having led the ACT opposition in two election defeats, surprised some by announcing his decision to oust his Liberal colleague rather than seek preselection for the lower house seat of Canberra. In the 2012 ACT Legislative Assembly election, Seselja personally polled over 29% of the vote (1.8 quotas) in the multi-member electorate of Brindabella. His personal standing in the southern ACT region is high and could have posed a threat to Brodtmanns 9% margin in Canberra in the event of a landslide to the Coalition. The fallout from the preselection contest has not reflected well on Seselja, however, and the Greens lead Senate candidate, former director of the online left-leaning lobby group Get-Up Simon Sheikh, has sought to capitalise on the internal divisions. Public service job cuts are the most pressing issue for Canberrans. Image from The Greens, however, are facing strong opposition from an unexpected quarter. In the last two federal elections the Greens have run strong senate campaigns, winning .65 of a quota in 2007 and .68 of a quota in 2010. They have always believed that they have the capacity to snatch the second senate seat in what is a politically progressive jurisdiction. This year, however, they are under fire from a newcomer, the Animal Justice Party (AJP), which has preferenced Liberal ahead of the Greens on the basis of the ACT Greens support for the ACT governments annual kangaroo cull . The Greens have been forced into the unfamiliar territory of running a last-minute negative campaign against a party with which they should, on the face of it, be natural allies.